Donkeys or horses? So hard to decide! ...But those long ears, sparkling personalities, musical brays, and scruffy coats endeared the donkey to our family.

Meet Paco. He is just the cutest guy! He is a half standard, half mini donkey.
Paco resting 8 14


Paco Help
Paco loves to act as a live model and many a painting & sculpture has been made with his assistance. He also likes to steal paintbrushes and cameras and can run surprisingly fast for a guy with short legs. ;D

Draft Mule Wagon
This is Not our beautiful Draft Mule pulling a wagon. We met this lovely girl at a Fair. I am adding this picture here to show just how COOL Mules are.
Mules don't seem to be taken seriously, or 'get much love' in Equine circles. That is, unless you visit the South, where they are trained well and work ranches, pull buggies, plows, act as weed eaters and participate in THE MOST AWESOME SIGHTS EVER: Mule Games!!
Want to support Mules? Visit fairs and shows where Mules are featured. It's a great way to learn about what these animals can do too.

Some awesome equine places we wanted to share:

Games, Info, Gifts, Gear, and Blog of Abby the Donkey being trained to drive:


AND IF YOU LOVE BASHKIR CURLY HORSES (who doesn't??!) don't miss these sites:


Great people, Gorgeous horses; the pages have good information, and the drool worthy pics outta get you good and hooked on Curlies. Enjoy! ;)

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