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Rabbits are one of the most entertaining animals we've been blessed enough to care for. They are colorful, come in a dizzying number of different breeds, and they have great senses of humor.

They are also great showmen; when they know they are being watched, they will pose, frolic, and in general look completely, utterly adorable. They love to come over and bump our hands to be pet, to nibble on the pages of the sketchbook, and they work for pats, hugs, spinach leaves, and papaya chunks.

Astrex Rabbit Sculpture
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A rendering of the lovely Astrex rabbit.

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Dutch Rabbit Charm
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The Dutch Rabbit's color pattern is visually stunning. Their spunky nature and small size make for a wildly entertaining companion.

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Satin Rabbit Silhouette Charm
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For the Satin Rabbit Breeder, 4H-er, or the Rabbit exhibitor looking to show their support of this stunning breed.

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