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For the crafter, the fashion trendy, the costume designer, feather painter, or quill pen maker, natural bird feathers are a must.

Our birds free range during the day, and just like people naturally shed hair, chickens, roosters, pigeons, geese, and turkeys all naturally drop feathers occasionally. Twice a year, they also have a complete moult, where they loose all of their feathers (a few at a time) as new pin feathers emerge and push the old out.

When we find ones that capture our eye, we collect them. These hand selected feathers make there way here, where we offer them for sale to those who are talented enough to make creations out of, and with them.

DIY 50 Loose Natural Feathers for Crafts, Hair Extensions, Costumes, & Native Art
Price: $28.95  

Are you a crafter, a hair stylist, a quill maker or a feather painter? This 50 Feather Lot may be just what you are looking for.

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